Fat bikes: Take winter for a ride

CBRM Recreation, in partnership with FrameWork Cycle & Fitness, is currently offering a Try A Fat Bike program in various communities within the CBRM.

Why fat tire bike?

Why try a fat tire bike? Fat bikes are durable, versatile, comfortable, and can go places you’ve never cycled before. Make no mistake, although these bikes handle well and are great for beginner riders, they’re a fantastic workout that’s sure to have you sweating in no time at all.

A great workout

Even though these bikes are a great, supportive bike for beginner riders, their fat tires increase the overall weight of the bike, thus requiring additional muscular strength to pedal compared to a traditional mountain bike. They require powerful engagement from both your lower and upper body.

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Suitable for diverse terrain

The larger tires provide increased balance and control, making it easier to navigate diverse types of terrain, from snow to rocky shorelines to muddy forest trails. These bikes handle well on gravel, rocky beaches, and everything in between.

Increased comfort

Not only are fat bikes suitable for many different types of terrain but they are very comfortable. These bikes are often equipped with larger-volume, low-pressure tires that aid in shock absorption. Fat bikes are also easier on your hands and lower back.

Weather resistant

Fat bikes are more rigid than traditional mountain and street-style cycling bikes are and resistant to many types of weather. Thanks to their greater surface area tires, fat bikes handle incredibly well in snow, on wet pavement, and even on icy corners.

For more information on CBRM Recreation’s fat tire bike series, contact Ashley by phone at (902)563-5244 or by email at [email protected]

To rent a fat bike, contact Bill at FrameWork Cycle & Fitness.

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