Active for Life fundamental movement skills lesson plan

Physical literacy lesson plans for summer camps and daycares

These five special lesson plans were designed for activity coordinators to use to teach fundamental movement skills. Each lesson plan provides a series of fun games that develop early skills in running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, hopping, and more. The lessons are carefully laid out and easy to use. Simply print our new lesson plans … Continued

Hands up for health and physical literacy

This video, produced by Ophea, introduces the concepts of physical and health literacy to children between the ages of 4 and 9. A general overview of both terms is introduced and defined in order to help children and youth build the ground-level knowledge needed to lead a healthy and active life every day. Part 1: … Continued

Resources for parents

This section contains resources that parents can use to help their children to develop physical literacy. If you are an educator, caregiver, or program leader, please visit our Pro Resources section. Children develop physical literacy by learning a wide variety of fundamental movement skills that allow them to enjoy many different physical activities and sports. … Continued

Introduction to physical literacy

Sport for Life is committed to implementing the practice of developing physical literacy across the country. Physical literacy occurs when individuals acquire the skills and confidence that allows them to enjoy a variety of sports and physical activities. The Introduction to Physical Literacy (.PDF) lists the fundamental movement skills – travelling skills, object control skills, and … Continued

Connecting physical literacy and physical education (video)

PHE Canada has been our country’s premier professional organization for physical and health educators for 80 years. Its members are predominantly educators and administrators involved in the school system, training and researching in physical and health education. This video explains the connection between physical education, physical literacy, and community sport participation. It also shows how … Continued

The ACCtive Start session planner from Athletic Community Centres

Athletic Community Centres (ACC) is a non-profit organization that provides health- and fitness-related knowledge and services at the grassroots level. ACC collaborates with municipalities, schools, and local sports organizations to promote and support physical activity initiatives. ACC’s Athletic Training programs focus on balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, and speed. At the early stages, it’s all about … Continued

Get physical literacy on the agenda with BACK P.A.C.

You can join a Parent Advisory Council or join the Governing Board to bring the topic of physical activity and physical literacy onto the agenda at your child’s school during regular Governing Board meetings.  The topics can include such things as PE curriculum and the importance of daily physical activity within the school setting (class, … Continued

LEAP BC’s Move family resource

The Move Family Resource promotes physical activity, early literacy, and healthy eating for children from birth to age three. It offers more than 40 activities directed at infants (birth–12 months) and toddlers (1–3 years). By using this resource as a guide, and by giving your child an early start in activities that target movement, communication, … Continued

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