Fun with biking and tennis at TAC Sports camp

Fun with biking and tennis at TAC Sports camp

My kids, 11 and 6 years old, spend months eagerly looking forward to summer. It’s when they can make and follow their own routines, have slow days and late bedtimes, and try a couple of new things.

That’s where camp comes in.

My oldest attended a week long Toronto Athletics Camp, known as TAC Sports, last year. And since I wanted my youngest to try out a new sport and learn new skills over the summer I was glad to give her the same opportunity. We signed her up for a full-day camp where we could choose two sports from a long list available – we went for biking in the mornings, tennis in the afternoons.

Biking at TAC

With biking, I felt as if my little one was very close to being free of her training wheels and needed just a little boost in confidence and skill to get started.

TAC Sports

Toronto Athletic Camps
Offers half/full-day summer camps, year-round programming, indoor/outdoor facility for soccer, as well as biking, basketball, tennis, mixed martial arts, robotics and dance at locations across the GTA.

Price range: $200 to $500

Right at the outset, I was glad to see that the instructors at TAC Sports divided the children into groups by skill level, and my younger one fell in the “in-betweeners.” I also liked that she was encouraged to set her own goals, “I just want to bike, Mama, with no training wheels.” She kept it simple.

The ratio of 1 trainer to three kids really helped as did the patience that the instructors exhibited. The kids followed exercises in stability and balance and were also given time for “free biking” when they could just be themselves.

End Result

The training wheels came off and from Day 3 onwards she was biking on her own up and down slopes. She was even turning with a confidence that I honestly did not expect so soon.

Tennis at TAC

Our sport of choice for the afternoon was tennis. My husband and I want to expose our kids to as many sports as possible in their childhood before they consider picking favourites and experts back up our decision. Our younger daughter is very athletic but at the same time hasn’t expressed love for a particular sport until she tried tennis.

She returned every day with new moves that she wanted to practice at home. She also loved the development report card she received on the last day that graded her on different skills required in tennis.

End result

She loves tennis and wants to pursue it during the school year. Mission accomplished.

TAC’s philosophy

As part of the research for this article, I also met with Daniel Da Eira, one of the main coaches who shared with me the TAC Sports philosophy.

“It’s great when kids can enjoy sports in a social and fun environment and build their skills while doing so. And that’s what we provide at TAC Sports,” Daniel explained. “For many kids attending our programs, this is their first time playing sports in an organized setting and this first experience is pivotal in encouraging a love of sports.”

Would I sign my kids up again for TAC Sports?

Without hesitation!

TAC Sports is a good place to expose your kids to a variety of different sports. The summer camp itself gives parents options to choose from: soccer, biking, basketball, tennis, mixed martial arts, robotics, and dance. The lesson plans and instruction helps kids learn skills before they are introduced to the sport. It’s also a great way to improve their confidence in themselves and teach physical literacy in a fun atmosphere.

Disclaimer: The author has partnered with TAC Sports and was provided with access to summer camp for her child to review. The opinions in the post are honest and all hers. 



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