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AfL Pro is a biannual newsletter specifically for educators, coaches, recreation leaders, and health professionals who work with kids. Every six months, subscribers receive a fresh selection of articles and links addressing the latest research, best practices, and innovative tools related to physical literacy programming.

AfL Pro complements Active for Life’s monthly parent newsletter that has published since 2012. If you work in education, sport, recreation, or health, and you want to promote children’s physical literacy, you will find AfL Pro makes a great addition to your reading list.

Articles range from examining new research in early childhood education to discussing governmental policy changes that can influence how sport, education, recreation, and health organizations shape programming related to physical literacy.

Featured links connect newsletter subscribers to everything from tools for assessing movement skills to websites, videos, and other media for educating audiences about physical literacy and children’s health.

Don’t worry that AfL Pro will overwhelm your inbox. At Active for Life, we know that our readers lead busy lives and our aim is to make great information simple for you to access and easy to digest.

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  1. Iam a learning coach for my granddaughter with connections academy…iam looking for activities to do with her for her PE program..I am hoping this will help..
    Thank you

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