“Give your everything”

“Give your everything”

Imagine how you might feel as your child steps onto an Olympic podium, waving arms, face wide with a grin, eyes searching the crowd for a glimpse of you.

Even if you don’t envision your child as a future Olympian, this new video from the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) is a great way to get everyone in the house excited about this summer’s London Games.

The “Give your everything” campaign kicked off in May with the fast-paced, quick-cutting “Relentless” video. Accompanied by an energetic soundtrack, you can watch Canadian athletes as they train intensely for the upcoming London games.

At the website are videos focusing on three of Canada’s medal hopefuls: Jennifer Abel (diving), Ryan Cochrane (swimming) and Adam van Koeverden (canoe/kayak).

“Relentless” features a host of others, including Alexandre Despatie, Émilie Heymans, Paula Findlay, Mary Spencer, Julia Wilkinson, the men’s eight rowing team, Synchro Canada’s senior national team and Christine Sinclair and her Canadian national women’s soccer teammates.

What do you think of the “give your everything” videos? Do you find them inspiring? Are you planning on watching the London Olympics?

Give your everything

Director: Henry Lu
Music: “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.”, We Are Wolves

Give your drive. Give your strength. Give your passion. Give your sweat. Give your focus. Give your highs. Give your lows. Give your heart. Give your dreams. Give your intensity. Give until there’s nothing left.

And then give more.

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