15 Minutes Outside

Hundreds of outdoor activity ideas for kids in new book

Rebecca P. Cohen made an ambitious New Year’s resolution: to get outside with her children for 15 minutes every day, all year long. She chronicled her experiences and put together a book for parents looking for ways to get their kids outdoors, active and engaged.

The book is broken down by month and lists hundreds of creative and fun outdoor activities. The ideas are endless and inspiring: from making ice sculptures in the winter  to discovering a natural obstacle course in the spring, from playing “faucet tag” in the summer to making rock art in the fall.

Another thing I love about this book is that it is written by a fellow non-sporty mom. Yes, she’s an avid gardener but she’s not just exposing her kids to what she knows. She’s out there playing sports with them and learning as they do. She’s not letting anything stop her from giving her children what she views as important: time to grow, explore and just be outside.

15 Minutes Outside

Author: Rebecca P. Cohen
Published by: Sourcebooks
Pages: 228
Format: Softcover
Price: $16.99

15 Minutes Outside probably isn’t the type of book you’ll read cover to cover but it’s a great one to have on the shelf to refer to when cabin fever hits the family and you’re looking for something fun that will get everyone out of the house.

Or maybe you’ll decide to take the challenge and get your kids outside for 15 minutes a day; in which case this book is your road map.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s something we’ll definitely share with our Family Community. Love the “non-sporty mom” posts – something a lot of parents can relate to!

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