How to make beanbag balls for active family fun

How to make beanbag balls for active family fun

Need a weekend project, birthday party activity, or economical loot bag idea? This YouTube video shows you how to make colourful soft and squishy ninja balls that your children can use for all kinds of fun:

See, it’s easy! And there are lots of ways to play with them, from juggling like in the video, to throwing at a target in the backyard. You can also play catch with them or try a little indoor bowling. You can even use it with our fortune teller game.

The choices are yours and customizable to suit your family’s needs. You can even substitute ingredients like navy beans, rice, sugar, or styrofoam beads (easily purchased at most craft stores) for the inside. Depending on what you use the weight and consistency of the ball will change.

These homemade beanbag balls are really cool-looking, so not only will you have fun being active, but you’ll impress your kids.

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