AfL Mini-Games activities: How your kids can do it all at home

The Sochi Olympic Winter Games were about much more than high performance athletes winning medals. They were also an opportunity for your children to get inspired to try something new. And we’re here to help, by showing you how you can get started at home.

Curling: Using an unwrapped bar of soap as a stone, your kids can learn to curl at home

Figure skating: Help your kids learn to balance, spin, and glide, just like figure skaters

Freestyle skiing: How to transform your home into a mogul run with a few jumps

Hockey: There are plenty of inexpensive and homemade solutions to get your kids playing hockey at home

Skeleton: Snow or not, here are some creative ways your kids can get the skeleton experience

Snowboarding: Pillows, cushions, blankets, and mattresses can create an indoor slopestyle course

Speed skating: Wear wool socks and learn to “glide” around the house like a real speed skater

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