AfL Mini-Games: How your kids can figure skate at home

AfL Mini-Games: How your kids can figure skate at home

Your kids can pretend to figure skate at home by gliding or sliding on your hardwood or linoleum floors in socks (wool socks seem to be the most slippery!).

  • See if they can glide on one foot, then try adding a spin (even sitting and trying it on their backside is a place to start).
  • See if they can lean forward while balancing on one foot.
  • Get them to try a jump straight up in the air and turn.
  • See if they can turn on their toes.

Siblings can help each other with balancing, spinning, and gliding. Get them to jump at the same time.

See if they can do these jumps and balances and glides with some artistic movement. Put on their favourite song, crank up the volume, and get them to move to the music with jumps and turns and balances like a figure skater. Give them a standing ovation!

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Image © Skate Canada/Stephan Potopnyk

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