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How the Canada Summer Games can inspire your kids to try new sports

Editor’s note: This post was updated on August 1, 2022

When children are young, they seem to be open to lots of new sports and activities. From soccer to gymnastics, baseball to dance, they’ll try it all. The next thing you know, as they get a little older, they seem to get settled into the few sports or activities they enjoy and might not be open to trying new things.

However, witnessing thousands of up-and-coming Canadian athletes compete in all the different events taking place during the Canada Summer Games might just spark a new interest in different sports at your house! This year, the Canada Summer Games are happening from August 6 – 21, 2022 and after learning about a variety of events, your kids could be asking to try everything from box lacrosse to sailing, rugby to cycling.

To celebrate the games this summer, we’ve partnered with Ridley College to help promote physical literacy in the Niagara region and hopefully have a big impact on children across the country.

The biggest impact the Canada Summer Games could have on your children, however, could be just be the sheer number of different events and the perspective it can give kids to see just how many different sports are out there just waiting to be discovered.

Here are 8 other things your children can learn from the Canada Summer Games this year:

  1. There are a lot of different types of sports
  2. Some people try for many years before they get a medal
  3. People can lose and still be very proud of themselves
  4. There are lots of different scoring systems for different sports
  5. Getting a medal generally seems to make people so happy that they cry
  6. Trying new things can be lots of fun
  7. Top athletes come in many different shapes and sizes
  8. You never know what passion you might discover for new and interesting sports

The games can also demonstrate how competitive sport can be positive and how trying your best is the thing that matters most. So while summer may be on its way out, it can still be the start of more fun at your house as you head into the backyard to see how many other events you can try for yourself!

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