Clare Adams and her family run the 100 m

The Olympics has my kids trying new sports

We’re not generally known for our sprinting, so our family’s lap around the local athletic track last week had us out of breath and out of our usual comfort zone. The Olympics has inspired us to try new sports. We couldn’t resist racing the 100 m and while our time was a woeful 25+ seconds, it was great fun imagining that we were lining up with Bolt and the others for a crack at a gold medal.

TV is so often blamed for inactivity, but there’s no doubt in my mind watching all the different events over the past couple of weeks has sparked a new interest in different sports at this house. Witnessing the men’s 100m race prompted our athletic efforts during our picnic at the park, but that hasn’t been our only inspiration; after watching other events our kids have been actively trying everything, from triple jump to gymnastics, javelin to synchronised swimming.

I’m still trying to figure out a safe way for my son to work on his high jump, but it proves to me that the biggest impact of the Olympics has been the sheer number of different events and the perspective it’s given our kids to see just how many different sports are out there just waiting to be discovered.

10 things my kids got out of the Olympics:

  1. There are a lots of different types of sports
  2. Some people try for many years before they get a medal
  3. Some areas of the world focus on success in certain sports
  4. People can lose and still be very proud of themselves
  5. There are lots of different scoring systems for different sports
  6. Getting a medal generally seems to make people so happy that they cry
  7. Trying sports for yourself is lots of fun
  8. Top athletes come in lots of different shapes and sizes
  9. Many countries’ colours are red, white and blue
  10. Running 100m fast is very difficult

The Olympics also showed us how competitive sport can be positive and how trying your best is the thing that matters most. So while we may be saying goodbye to London 2012, it’s just the start of more fun at our house as the TV gets turned off and we head into the backyard to see how many other Olympic events we can try ourselves.

Watching all the different Olympic events over the past couple of weeks has sparked a new interest in different sports at this house.

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