Physical literacy explained in 3 minutes

Physical literacy explained in 3 minutes

What is physical literacy? Check out this three-minute video for a good, short definition plus key facts about physical activity levels among children and youth.

With rolling text and captivating music, the video hits all of the key facts and figures around physical literacy and getting kids active. It’s perfect to share with friends who have small children, as well as teachers and school administrators who might appreciate it.

For anyone who doesn’t know about physical literacy, this video will get them up to speed quickly. For others who are already champions of the cause, this video will provide quotable facts for that next school PAC meeting or coffee conversation with friends.

One of the other key facts is that children should develop physical literacy in a variety of physical environments – on the ground, in the water, in the air (e.g. gymnastics), on snow and ice, and outdoors in general.

One of the best lines in the video:

“It’s not just about sports. It’s about giving children and youth the opportunity to succeed – to live a happy, healthy, long life.”

Of course, the shout-out in the closing credits to our Active for Life website is pretty cool too. We always appreciate a good reference!

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