Role Model spotlight: Benoît Huot

Role Model spotlight: Benoît Huot

As a child, Benoît Huot tried many different sports but because of his club foot, a condition he was born with, he had difficulty with most of them. Then he found his way to swimming and has won 20 medals for Canada in five Paralympic Games.

Last September he led the team of 162 Canadian athletes to the Paralympic Games in Rio. He is dedicated to helping the next generation of kids be active and is a fantastic example of physical literacy and perseverance. Get to know Benoît better and help us welcome him to the #AfLfamily.

Q&A with Benoît Huot

AfL: When did you first realize you loved your sport? How did you know?

Benoît Huot: I really wanted to be active as a kid. I just didn’t know which sports were going to work for me. I realized that I was in my place at my first swimming competition. I had the “eye of the tiger” and I wanted to do well. I knew I found my passion and I wanted to accomplish new goals in this sport.

AfL: What is one way, outside of sport, that being physically literate has helped you?

Benoît Huot: It has helped me to become the person I am today. I need to be active a little bit every day to make me feel good.

AfL: When you aren’t participating in your sport, what is your favourite way to be active?

Benoît Huot: I love to bike everywhere. Sometimes I have no choice but to take a car, but if I have a chance, I jump on my bike, even when I go to visit friends and family.

AfL: Tell us one thing you remember your parents doing that encouraged you or helped you to keep active.

Benoît Huot: My dad always brought me to baseball and hockey games when he had tickets. At a young age I had the chance to see athletes performing at the top of their profession. It really inspired me to be an athlete as well.

AfL: What’s the most important thing you can share with the kids who look up to you?

Benoît Huot: Never give up on your dreams. Surround yourself with people you can trust and have confidence in. This will bring you a long way.

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