Now you can sign out physical literacy resources with your library card

Now you can sign out physical literacy resources with your library card

Any parent knows. On a cold, hot, wet, or just plain nothing-filled day, the public library is a great place to take young kids. Aside from rows of new books, there are usually toys, programming, and other desperate moms and dads grateful for a child-friendly spot that encourages quiet time.

Well, now there’s even more reason to love the library: a new regional pilot project in Nova Scotia allows library card holders to borrow 9 ’Be Fit’ Kits, designed to help kids develop physical literacy by encouraging skills like jumping, running, skipping, balance, throwing, and catching.

Designed for newborns through to 6-year-olds, the Kit is patterned after reading literacy stages: you help develop your children’s physical literacy and age-appropriate goals just as you’d go from picture books to chapter novels. And just like a regular library book, you can sign it out for three weeks at a time and even put one on hold.

The kits include:

  • three juggling scarves
  • one stretch chickens
  • six rainbow ground markers
  • six bean bags
  • two skipping ropes
  • one foam die with numbers
  • one foam die with activities
  • one mini-Nerf soccer ball
  • two Nerf discs
  • three easy-grip balls
  • six star spots
  • an activity booklet explaining all the possible games that can be played
  • four picture books

Use these kits with your kids at home, lend them to your child’s classroom, take them camping, or use them for birthday parties. The only limitation is your imagination. Just do your best to get them back in time, so other people can have a turn.

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