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Infographic poster
What is physical literacy? If you are educating parents on the concept for the first time, it can be tricky to communicate some of the nuances. This colourful infographic summarizes a lot of complex ideas into a simple format that parents will understand. You can either direct parents to the infographic webpage or you can download the infographic and print it as a poster handout.

Recipe for an Active Day

Recipe for an Active Day
If you or your kids are trying to figure out ways to be active each day, here are some quick, simple ideas that require little or no equipment. Print out our Recipe for an Active Day, then share it with your kids and get them thinking about moving their bodies each day.

Recipe for an Active Summer

Kids need active play every day, especially during summer holidays. This poster provides more than three dozen ideas for keeping kids active in summer, ranging from water play and obstacle courses to geocaching and tree climbing.

Enjoy active play, every day of winter.

Enjoy active play, every day of winter print out
Winter blues keeping your kids in the house? There are plenty of ways to get them active indoors and outdoors even when the snow starts to fall. This poster provides more than a dozen ideas, ranging from snow forts and snow angels to tobogganing and skating.

Stroller BINGO

Stroller Bingo print out
If you are a new parent looking for ways to get active with your baby, our Stroller Bingo game is for you. It lists different stroller activities and activity goals to make your next excursion with baby fun and interesting.

Fortune teller

For school age kids, download and print this fortune teller, a favourite playground game, that gets kids practicing some of the fundamental movements that create the foundation for physical literacy. But don’t worry, they won’t realize that’s what they’re doing because they’ll be too busy having a blast with their friends (hint: you can try it too … how’s your physical literacy?).

Sock Ball Games

Active for Life Sockball Games
Looking for ways to keep your kids physically active indoors? This poster describes a few simple games with sock balls that kids can play in limited space. Print a copy for your refrigerator or home bulletin board, then show your kids how to make a simple sock ball.

Activity Dice

Active for Life Activity Dice
Help kids to develop their fundamental movement skills using this activity dice. Simply print, cut, fold, and glue or tape into a cube, then roll for an active challenge. It’s a perfect game for promoting fun and physical literacy in minutes.

Day planner

Day planner
When school’s not in session, kids’ routines go out the window. This printable day planner helps kids to organize their days so they don’t get bored, forget important tasks, or spend too much time on screen devices.

Spring Activities Scavenger Hunt

Spring activities scavenger hunt poster
Download and print this fun spring scavenger hunt so that you have it on hand the next time you and your child go outside to visit a park, nature trail, or your backyard. There are 25 separate activities to help you enjoy the outdoors this season.

Winter Activities Scavenger Hunt

Winter activities scavenger hunt poster
Get children into the outdoors in winter. Use this list to search for wintry items and move with imagination over snow and ice.

Fall Activities Scavenger Hunt

Fall activities scavenger hunt poster
Get children into the outdoors in autumn. Use this list to search for fall items and move with imagination outdoors.

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Sensory play is abuzz right now! This fun activity weaves together all seven of your child’s senses. Look for things outdoors to smell, hear, see, touch, and taste and playfully move around to find them.

Camping Activities Scavenger Hunt

When kids go camping, this fun activity gets them looking closely at their natural environment. This scavenger hunt keeps them busy as they search for all the little treasures and experiences that are available in surrounding nature.

Printable articles for parents

These articles have been well received by parents because of their simplicity and relevance. During your program, you can print copies and hand them out to parents for added learning.


Posters of active kids

Similar in appearance to our postcards, these letter size posters are perfect for broadcasting the physical literacy message in public spaces such as schools, recreation centres, and health offices.

Perfect circle posters

The development of physical literacy is a circular process, and it happens in a range of environments through a variety of physical activities. These posters are designed to share that message in schools, recreation centres, and health offices.

Ready to ride?

Ready to ride poster
Are you wondering if your kids are ready to bike independently? This printable poster helps you to assess their bike-riding skills before you let them go. It includes key questions to consider such as hand signals, recognizing common road signs, and general cycling ability and road awareness.

How to dress kids for winter

How to dress kids for winter poster
Kids need to be active outdoors in all seasons, including the winter. Unfortunately the Canadian winter can be very uncomfortable if kids aren’t dressed right for the weather. This simple poster shows how to dress correctly and stay safe while being active outdoors in the snow and ice.

“Parent Promise” posters

Encourage parents to commit to making physical activity a priority at home with our Parent Promise article and posters in your newsletters, on social media, in your school or facility and at events.

APPLE Model poster

APPLE model poster
The APPLE Model shows how closely the concepts of physical literacy align with active play. Although learning to read and write are often prioritized, research tells us that physical activity is the fundamental key to brain development. Display the poster as a reminder to educators and parents to make active play and physical literacy a part of every child’s day. Learn more about how educators use the APPLE Model.

The APPLE Model is also available as a postcard.

Lifeguard parent poster

Lifeguard parent poster
It’s good to let children test their limits during play. Being a lifeguard parent means providing vigilant care, a parenting approach that allows children to develop understanding of risk and the confidence to manage it.

Multisport poster

For most sports and physical activities, kids should avoid specializing too early. In fact, they should try as many different sports and activities as possible before their teen years. You can help parents and coaches understand the benefits of multisport for kids by downloading this fun and informative poster in either 8.5×11 or 11×17 formats.

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