Share this poster and support multi-sport for kids

Share this poster and support multi-sport for kids

For most sports and physical activities, kids should avoid specializing early. In fact, to develop their overall athleticism and physical literacy, they should try as many different sports and activities as possible before their teen years. This is generally referred to as the “multi-sport” approach.

Evidence suggests that multi-sport athletes go further than kids who specialize too early. The athlete profiles of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team and the U.S. women’s national soccer team provide two excellent recent examples of this.

Active for Life believes strongly in supporting the multi-sport approach for kids, so we have created this multi-sport poster for parents, teachers, and sport and recreation organizations to download and share. If you also believe in supporting multi-sport for kids, we encourage you to share this poster through your social media channels or by printing and distributing it by hand.

Can tennis help your child play baseball? Will figure skating make them better at hockey? Is gymnastics good for other sports? The evidence strongly suggests, “Yes.” By sharing this poster with parents and coaches, you can help to spread the word. And be sure to check out our curated page of articles on the benefits of multi-sport.

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