Your kid – and you – will love the Y Fliker scooter

Your kid – and you – will love the Y Fliker scooter

Whether your child is 4 or 14, guaranteed you’ve had this conversation:

Child: “Oh wow, that guitar/bike/Lego set/Furby is amazing. I want it!”
Parent: “Are you sure you’re going to play with it?”
Child: “Oh, yes, I promise, I promise. Please.”

We want to make our kids happy, so we relent, and you end up with a storage room of junk or what I like to call the garage of broken dreams.

So you can imagine when my daughter said she wanted another scooter I was definitely reluctant to give in. She’d tried others in the past but quickly lost interest, and her bike is currently gathering dust in the aforementioned garage.

But it was March, and she’d given half her birthday money to charity, and I was feeling generous. Maybe the Y Fliker would be different.

It’s now June, and shock of shocks, not even “The World’s Longest Winter” deterred her from using it. She carted around our basement (yikes), layered up to tour the neighbourhood, and since the sun came out, she can’t wait to get home and take a ride before and after dinner, despite having spent hours in the playground after school running around with her friends. Simply put, she is never too tired to ride.

Y Fliker Scooter

Product: Scooter
Manufacturer: Y Volution
Price Range: $49.99 – $149.99

I tried to figure out what it was about this scooter that made it so desirable compared to others. Certainly with its two-pronged stance, it doesn’t look the same, and that’s definitely part of the allure. When she rides it to the park, there are always a line of kids who want to try it for the novelty alone, but as we leave, we overhear many children asking their parents for one, and sometimes it’s even the parents that get excited and ask us questions, especially where to buy it.


Safety: Aside from being aesthetically different, the innovative structure seems to allow for more control. Plus there is an excellent braking system at the handlebars.

Movement: For the Y-Fliker to turn or even move, your kid has to constantly be going, shifting their body to self-propel. Kids love this because it means they can control how fast they are going with ease, and it also really helps improve balance.

Lightweight/foldable: Even the best products eventually get carried by parents when children get tired, but this scooter folds simply and weighs little.

Sizes: With three sizes from child to adult, everyone can get the scooter that’s right for them.


Better on flat surfaces: It’s fine going downhill, but not ideal for going up hills, and may require kids to stop and get off. But on the positive side, because it’s light weight as I mentioned above, my daughter simply picks up the scooter and walks.

Driver confusion: Cars unused to the look will occasionally look at your shifting child and think they are teetering on the scooter, but this will force them to look out and be aware. Some will be extra cautious and simply glare at the parents, thinking they’re not really watching their kids.

Due to the revolutionary technology, this isn’t one of your cheaper brands, but for my husband and I, the Y-Fliker has more than paid for itself. We love that our child is happy and moving, and it makes it easy to take an impromptu visit to the park without the car, or just get in some quick but regular family exercise time.

And it’s one less thing to drag into storage.

You can learn more about the Y Fliker scooter here.

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