How you can use PLAY to guide your kids to physical literacy

How you can use PLAY to guide your kids to physical literacy

Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth, or PLAY, is a series of pencil-and-paper tools that can help determine the level of a child’s physical literacy.

Developed by Canadian Sport for Life, there is a downloadable booklet entitled “PLAYparent” designed for parents of school-aged children. It contains a questionnaire for parents to assess their children’s physical literacy, ways to engage kids in being active, and much more.

A few important points, excerpted from the PLAYparent booklet:

  • “Ensure that your child has the opportunity to be physically active every day in their home and at school.”
  • Does your child understand “movement terms, like skip, gallop, hop and jump?”
  • “Activities should be ‘FUN first’ – prioritize your child’s enjoyment.”
  • “Engage the child in activities that will benefit their weaker fitness components as much as possible.”
  • “Talk to your child about the importance of being physically active in all environments.”
  • “Offer choices that fit within your parenting philosophy (e.g. ‘Would you rather go to the pool or to the park today?’)”
  • “If your child lacks a diverse set of movement skills, it’s important to introduce them to new activities (as soon as possible!) Make it fun, change the setting, and remember that repetition-based learning works.”

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