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Free apps and websites that will get your kids moving

Even if your children enjoy time in front of screens, it doesn’t mean it always has to be sedentary time. There are several ways to keep your youngsters moving at home while also using digital devices. 

As a mother of children who enjoy technology a little too much, I’ve found a solution that works well for us. We choose apps and activities that focus on their interests to keep them engaged and active. Here are a few free digital apps and platforms you can try out for a more positive screen experience.


Many parents want to encourage fun daily activity that does not involve fitness equipment or strenuous exercise. For those families, Walkr is a terrific app. Your child will use their daily steps to power a spaceship! 

This app encourages your child to get up and walk while also feeding their inquisitive minds. As they work through the app, they can discover 25 fascinating planets. Each day brings a new adventure as they explore the cosmos while encountering friendly space creatures who need help. 

The more steps they perform each day, the further they will make it through the galaxy. 

The Walkr app is free to download for both Apple and Android devices, but parents might want to be aware of the in-app purchases available and adjust settings for that option until they see fit. 

Super Stretch Yoga

Yoga and meditation are integral parts of having a healthy mind and body. The Super Stretch Yoga app teaches kids the importance of breathing and movement. 

It includes 12 separate poses with 75 different combinations for an engaging experience. Super Stretch Yoga incorporates animation, music, and videos of real kids being active. This allows for an interactive and fun yoga practice. 

Super Stretch Yoga uses invitations for friends to get active and makes it fun for the entire family. Your child can collect stars and take pictures as they progress through the app. 

UNICEF Kid Power

UNICEF Kid Power offers up short, fun videos on its website to get little ones moving. It’s free to sign up for, and you can play over 150 different Kid Power Up videos on any device that connects to the internet. 

With videos ranging from only three to five minutes in length, it’s easy for everyone to fit in some daily movement. The quick brain breaks that you’ll find are also a great way to get kids moving and keep activity fun. And when you complete 10 kid power ups, you “unlock” a lifesaving food packet for a child in need, which means your kids can help others through activity!

Move to Learn

The Move to Learn website offers five-minute activities to get your children moving. If you’re homeschooling or just want to add a short movement break into your kid’s day, this is a terrific place to start. 

There are dozens of movement activities for kids of all ages, from preschool up to Grade 12. The Move to Learn built-in activity lesson plans, songs, and videos can suit any level. Although they encourage teachers to include daily movement, parents can also use the free online activities. 


If you have kids with mobile devices, they are sure to know YouTube. GoNoodle makes it easy to watch and take part in free YouTube videos. They use engaging activities with catchy music. GoNoodle has various playlists that focus on dancing, coordinated movement, and meditation exercises. 

GoNoodle posts new videos three days a week to expand the list of fun activities for you kids to enjoy for free at home. They encourage children to dance, wiggle, stretch, jump, and breathe their way to an active life. 

Have a great app or website to recommend?

There are dozens of other online platforms that are suitable for children to get up and move while at home. If you have a free app or platform you use for getting your kids active at home, let us know! Leave a comment and tell us what works for your family. We would love to hear how your children are using movement in their daily life. 

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