CBRM Multisport Program helping kids reach potential through sport

Multisport mission

We want to help kids reach their potential through sport!

CBRM Multisport is a collaborative project between community sport organizations, CBRM Recreation Department, and Cape Breton University (CBU), with the support of numerous community sport stakeholders. The program vision is simple, to provide children the opportunity to grow through sport by developing physical literacy and fundamental movement skills at an early age by participating in different sports. We want them to gain confidence and enjoy the positive benefits of a quality, first experience in all sports.

Partnership with Cape Breton University makes program more accessible for parents

Having a partner like CBU be part of the program strengthens it in so many ways. The facilities are state of the art, their athletes are engaged, and the convenience of having nine of the sessions in one location is a bonus for families. CBU is also home to a Sport and Physical Activity Leadership program where students are trained in coaching, outdoor leadership, and health and wellness, making it another great reason to partner with the university.

National Men’s Soccer Coach of the year, Deano Morley has been a big supporter on the university’s end. He understands the importance of helping children and youth receive national best practice/stage-appropriate programming. As Morley mentions, “the program provides an opportunity for our community sports to showcase their grassroots programming and be part of a community collaboration to enhance sport delivery. It will also bring sport organizations together to help enhance communication and collaboration”.

The program

After collaborating with a successful Antigonish Multisport program, and running a pilot program here in the CBRM, we have expanded to offer a six-month program. Children will have the opportunity to participate in 11 different sports for a cost of $250 per child; with only one registration and the equipment provided. Over the six months, the participants are broken up into age-appropriate groups (grade primary/one and grade two/three) where they attend two weekly sessions. The sessions run for four weeks and then the participants move on to two new activities.

Our community sport partners include Cromarty Tennis Club, Basketball Cape Breton, Caledonia Rugby Club, Soccer Cape Breton, Dorados Swim Team, Ski Ben Eion, Volleyball Cape Breton, IMAC Martial Arts, Track and Field Association of Cape Breton, Football Cape Breton, and Sydney Minor Baseball.

The focus of the program is FUNdamental movement skills and physical literacy. Individuals who are physically literate, move with competence, confidence, and motivation in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person.

Physical literacy allows individuals to enjoy a variety of sports and physical activities throughout their lifetime. Multisport programs lead to better overall skills and ability, smarter and more creative participants, less burn out, and overuse injuries, while building the physical and mental base for lifelong enjoyment in sport, while providing a fun learning experience for the participants.

In a nutshell, it is stage appropriate programming that maximizes physical literacy and movement skills in a fun environment. It also includes an education piece for parents on the importance of multisport programs, physical literacy and how to build a foundation to become active for life.

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