CBRM Recreation promotes being active for life through 52 Hike Challenge

Last year, Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) Recreation launched a year-long, 52 Hike Challenge. The challenge encouraged participants to do one hike, every week, for one whole year.

Some who complete the challenge do so in a little as 52 days; that is the beauty of the self-guided challenge. Registered participants would receive a journal to track their hikes and had the option to complete them at their own pace, or attend organized hikes by the CBRM on local trails.

Over the 12 months of our first challenge, guided hikes took place in rain, snow, and sunshine. Some hikes during the colder months allowed us to complete our hikes on snowshoes, which was a new experience for some of the hikers involved, and gave them the opportunity to hone a new skill.

Many of our participants kept photo journals and shared their experiences on social media. Allison Tell, a participant in the CBRM 52 Hike Challenge, said of the program “many people commented on our activities and followed us weekly. What we liked the most was that we were able to inspire others to get active.”

Keep an eye out for more upcoming hikes and recreation opportunities on CBRM’s Facebook page.

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  1. Love the challenge, I kept my journal and love seeing everyone’s pictures and new experiences, I achieved my 2018 goal. I am now on my 2019 goals.

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