Staying active on the water in CBRM

Connecting residents with nature

CBRM Recreation is committed to connecting residents to nature. Being a community surrounded by water, we think it’s important to provide recreational opportunities that take advantage of our natural resources. One program we’ve introduced is standup paddleboarding, also known as SUP. This is an excellent activity that can become a lifelong passion.

The benefits

Why choose SUP as your summertime activity? Besides the calming feeling of being on the water and connecting with nature, SUP provides many physical and mental benefits. It is a low-impact, full-body workout that increases strength, balance, and endurance. Plus the added vitamin D increases mental functioning including stress relief and happiness.

Being such a low-impact workout, there’s less to worry about when it comes to our ligaments, tendons, and joints, and it remains low-impact even with all of your muscles working. The balance required to stand on the board will have your leg muscles hard at work attempting to stabilize your centre of gravity. Your arms, back, and shoulders are used to paddle the board in the water, and your core, back, and abdominal muscles are constantly at work to maintain your balance to keep you standing.

Spending a lot of time on the water can also boost your cardio endurance, resulting in better cardiovascular health. The endurance, balance, and strength gained through paddleboarding will translate from the sport to your everyday life.

Mental health can also be improved. Being out on the water is calming and soothing. While out in nature, you’re able to take in all the smells and sounds of the water running underneath your board. While sitting or standing on the board, you can take time to reflect, meditate, or just be with your own thoughts.

Try it for free!

CBRM Recreation, in partnership with OllieAround Skateshop, currently offers free SUP sessions with certified Paddle Canada instructors. The one-hour sessions provide board rental and life jacket, so all you need to bring is a positive attitude and willingness to try something new.

The program is aimed at those 15+ years old, and all skill levels and fitness levels are welcome. “This season’s program has been extremely well-received, and it’s wonderful to see individuals unlock a passion you’ve recently discovered yourself,” said program coordinator Ashley Eisan.

If you’re interested in attending one of the remaining programs, please contact [email protected] to register. See the full schedule at our CBRM is Active for Life Facebook page.

Looking to get out but can’t make one of CBRM’s SUP dates? Check out OllieAround Skateshop to rent SUP boards right here in CBRM. They also provide roof racks with your rental that fit all vehicles.

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