How do I know if my child is getting a good PE experience?

How do I know if my child is getting a good PE experience?

When it’s time for parent-teacher interviews, ask what your child is doing in physical education. Are the characteristics of a quality physical education experience being met?

Why? The research is clear: children who are physically active are more focused, better prepared to learn, and more emotionally and socially resilient. A successful physical education experience reverberates through his or her other classes, and contributes to a healthy school environment. Ask questions and make sure your student is receiving the best, most well-rounded education possible.

And if your student is already doing well in physical education, be an advocate for those who may not be. You know your child’s peers. Are there any who are consistently on the sidelines? If so, ask about ways that your school’s physical education and intramural programs can be inclusive of everyone.

Guest post from Physical and Health Education Canada

PHE Canada is the national voice for physical and health education. We work with educators and on-the-ground professionals to develop the resources, understanding, and networks to ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead active, healthy lives, now and in their future.

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One response to “How do I know if my child is getting a good PE experience?

  1. How can our kids get a quality PE experience if we don’t even have PE teachers? My 3 children get PE only 2 times per week (less if there is an assembly, or event in the gym). They never have PE outside.

    DPA is a joke. They should be mandated to have PE everyday instead of DPA. A designated PE teacher should also be mandatory.

    Canadian kids are in bad shape (literally) and this should be a priority for our governments.

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