On International Women’s Day, how are you inspiring change?

On International Women’s Day, how are you inspiring change?

How are you inspiring change?

This question, posed by the folks behind International Women’s Day 2014, made me realize that over the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to interview talented people, write about issues I care deeply about, read thought-provoking books, and take part in amazing discussions, all about change.

And though not all of these topics appear obviously connected to International Women’s Day, I believe that everything we do here at Active for Life to empower parents and children works in favour of today’s women, and most definitely tomorrow’s.

So how am I inspiring change?

  1. By highlighting a more inclusive way to market and merchandise toys for kids and challenging gender stereotypes in the media and in our culture.
  2. By spreading the word about the benefits of slowing down and making sure kids have time to play, to pretend, and to learn on their own timetable.
  3. By talking about how changes in PE class can make physical activity more inclusive for all kids regardless of gender, personality type, or skill level.
  4. By raising awareness about the importance of finding ways to spend more time outside and connect with nature.
  5. By challenging the expectation that being overextended is an inevitable part of modern life and help families rethink running from one commitment to another.
  6. By chatting with an Olympic medal winner about how we can help kids focus on the process instead of expecting immediate success.
  7. By supporting my fellow non-sporty parents and helping them with tips on how to raise kids who will be active for life.
  8. By helping parents raise girls who will never say: “I suck at sports”.

Active for Life as an initiative exists to inspire change. I am humbled and grateful to have this platform and feel privileged to be able to have these important conversations with an incredible community of people who share the same hopes and dreams of a healthy, happy future for our children.

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