Breath, books, and movement: making yoga fun for kids

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Breath, books, and movement: making yoga fun for kids

Yoga can deliver the peace and quiet you want while your kids are developing some movement skills they need. Not only that, combining movement and breath can help kids manage emotions and find calmness all on their own. Most yoga poses for kids mimic nature and animals, making the movements fun and creative instead of perfectly poised.

Before you begin, make sure that your kids are wearing comfortable clothing and have enough room to bend and balance safely. Once you’ve decided on some poses together, shift the focus to deep breathing and hold each movement for a count of five. Kids may interpret yoga poses in different ways, and if that’s the case, let them – changing the name of a pose or adapting its movement only makes it more meaningful.

You can find inspiration from Kids Yoga Stories, a weekly blog that links yoga to children’s books, seasonal themes, and nature. Illustrations and descriptions make the sequences easy to follow and kids will enjoy the creativity of each story. Go ahead, give it a try and let us know which yoga story your kids love.


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