8 ways to make hiking fun for little kids

8 ways to make hiking fun for little kids

Hiking is a great way for kids to have fun outdoors and learn to love being active. For kids just starting out, though, there can be bumps along the way.

These tips can help make your family hike a success:

1. Be prepared

Make sure everyone is wearing appropriate clothing including the proper shoes, hats, and sunscreen. Pack water and everyone’s favourite snacks. Remember to carry wipes and bandaids in your pack. And if you have room, a change of clothes can come in handy especially if someone has done some extra enthusiastic exploring in the mud or water.

2. Find an interesting route

Pick a scenic trail or destination that includes waterfalls, a lake, or rocks kids can climb on. Any nature walk will work, though. For city kids, just getting away from the concrete is a major shift and there will be lots to excite them.

3. Have some games in your back pocket

Be ready to start a scavenger hunt or play games like Hide and Go Seek, or I Spy. Games help kids move forward on the trail.

4. Unleash their imaginations

Kids love to pretend to be adventurers, scientists, and explorers. Props like binoculars, pencils, and notebooks make them feel like they are the real deal without adding much weight to the adult’s backpack. Or they might even want to carry their own tiny packs.

5. Invite a friend

Friends make everything easier. A child that just can’t walk one more step will be suddenly energized when her friend sprints forward to explore a fallen tree or a creek.

6. Adjust your own expectations

It’s okay if the hike takes twice as long with children. There may be tears, frustration, and fatigue. When you’re in the thick of a difficult time, be a positive role model and realize that this may not be the hike you would be having if you were solo, but you are creating a foundation for your child to love movement and the outdoors.

7. Take baby steps

Respect where your child’s at physically. Not making it to the viewpoint or lake is okay. It also gives you something to work towards next time.

8. Know when to quit

It may be bad weather, fatigue, or other circumstances. Throw in the towel and call it a day. If it wasn’t a huge success one time try again another time.

Getting out together in nature is a great way for kids to develop skills, learn to be comfortable outdoors, and shift everyone’s moods. It may take some doing but you’ll never regret hitting the trails together.

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  1. I am a grandma of 8! From 2yrs-14yrs… 2 oldest are my girls and the rest are my boys! So adventures are a must!! I will take ALL THE HELP I CAN GET ♡ I Am Excited & Encouraged By Your Site….

  2. Keep an eye out for interesting critters! We have found click beetles, a butterfly that an entomologist said shouldn’t live here, interesting spiderwebs, a cool baby snake that was supposed to be nocturnal but he didn’t know that, caught more anoles and salamanders than we can count, and all this was discovered without boys. Take pictures and ask a ranger or when you get home, Google it learn about them. You will appreciate God’s creation a lot more!

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