Tips to plan and survive the out of town sports tournament experience

Hockey tournaments are something special in Canada. To help maximize the fun and minimize the planning stress, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) has published its first Ultimate Tournament Playbook.

Some of the articles in the Playbook will benefit the hockey parent:

  • Tips to deal with tournament situations
  • Five books to read at the rink
  • Bucket-list worthy tournaments (the Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland, anyone?)

Guest post by the OMHA

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association serves a community of more than 100,000 players in 225 minor hockey associations in Ontario.

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But players and families involved with all sorts of sports and activities participate in out of town events, and these articles provide great information for you, too:

  • Keys to booking the right hotel
  • How to get the best sleep in a hotel
  • Save some cash, pack a cooler

And just in case you needed some help wondering why we do it, here are four reasons to love hockey tournaments.


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