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Best of 2022: Our top articles of the year

Another year is coming to a close and, at Active for Life, we’ve spent another 12 months dedicated to helping parents and professionals discover new ways to get kids active. From checking out our physical literacy activities to downloading our free printables and other resources, our audience of parents has had a lot to explore on our site this year! We’re proud of our accomplishments, and in the new year, we hope to engage even more parents, professionals, and the kids they care for.

Here are just a few of the top articles you were reading in 2022

How to create a nature mandala on your walks this winter – This one brought the nature and art lovers to the site! And it’s probably because walking in winter is a fun way to explore nature, especially when you have plans to create a unique piece of art along the way.

5 things to do if your child is on a team that loses (all the time) – This article struck a nerve. Maybe it’s because many of us have been there. And while nobody loves to lose, we shared how there’s a lot you can learn from it.

8 tips for helping your baby crawl, walk, roll, and more – Many of our readers were baby-focused this year. We love it! There’s nothing better than helping your little one learn to love movement from the wee baby stage.

20 outdoor sensory play activities for young children – This article has loads of ideas for parents, plus it comes with an awesome free printable. But the thing we loved most about it is how it highlights that you don’t need fancy things for sensory play. In fact, everything your child needs for engaging sensory play can be found outside.

The CDC’s revised developmental milestones: What parents need to know – Another article that seemed to strike a nerve was this one on the CDC’s updated “Learn the Signs. Act Early” program for children from birth to five years old.

Canada’s best and coolest playgrounds – Have you seen this epic list? How many have you been to these playgrounds across Canada?

Baby’s first birthday party: How to make it an event to remember – The tips and ideas in this article can help make your little one’s party a success by limiting your own stress. There’s nothing like keeping it simple. Happy birthday, baby!

Best physical activities for kids at every age – Readers loved these foundational activities, sports, and games for kids that provide excellent development in movement and physical literacy. Not to mention all the health benefits, too.

How physical activity helps after-school restraint collapse – This big release of emotions after a day of holding it together is not only something many of us parents have experienced—it’s also totally normal. But that doesn’t make it easy. Luckily, this article explores how movement can help.

What else were you reading on our site this year? Let us know in the comments!

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