20 active loot bag ideas

20 active loot bag ideas

Ah, the loot bag. They’re traditionally given out as a thank you to guests for coming to a birthday party. They’ve also traditionally been bags filled with candy and small toys, which kids love. 

But for a small price, party favours can be items that keep your guests moving and having fun well after the party wraps up, which parents will love.

Tie a ribbon to the item, include a list of games and activities which could be played with it, or simply hand it over and send your guests off to have fun!

Note: Several of these items can be purchased in bulk to keep your costs low. Check out your local party store, toy store, dollar store, or online seller.

1. A hula hoop

Whether it’s for spinning, using as a target, or for countless other games (in fact, here are 7 things you can do with a hula hoop), this is one super-versatile toy.

2. A ball

Pick a size, a colour, a pattern, a design… there’s no way you can go wrong with a ball!

3. A box of sidewalk chalk

Whether it’s for drawing simple scribbles, creating masterpieces, or designing games such as hopscotch, there are so many colourful reasons to love sidewalk chalk. And for a little inspiration, here are 8 active games you can play with one piece of chalk!

4. A frisbee

A frisbee can be thrown, rolled, or used as a digger in the sand. (Not to mention, you can turn it into a fun game for the whole family.)

5. A shovel and pail

Children love to use a shovel and pail for digging dirt and sand, for carrying water to a sandcastle, or for wearing as a hat. Or is that just my child?

6. A yo-yo

It may take a while to master a yo-yo but once they get the hang of it, kids will be so proud and so eager to learn more tricks.

7. A skipping rope

Skip with a rope, use it to wiggle as a snake to jump over, or hold it up to limbo under.  Skip, jump, and dance!

8. Bubble juice & wand

Take your child outside and let them blow, pop, and chase. It’s the perfect gift to give your guest!

9. Dance ribbons

A swirling, colourful dance ribbon will have a child spinning, dancing, and creating all kinds of movement.

10. A mini stick

One stick is great for a kid to practice shooting balls off a (parent-approved) wall. Two sticks can get two kids involved. Either way, a mini stick is a fantastic gift to keep a kid moving!

11. An umbrella 

Jump in puddles (and here are several reasons why you’ll want to say yes to puddle play!) Sing in the rain. Are there any more reasons not to love an umbrella? (There are actually way more but these are two awesome ones!)

12. Binoculars 

Your party guests might be secret spies in need of a new gadget or bird lovers who’ll be thrilled to spot new varieties.  

13. A foam plane or glider

For some high-flying action, send your guests home with a gift that will bring on hours of fun. 

14. A pot with seeds

Keep the fun g(r)owing well after the party is done. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). 

15. A magnifying glass

I spy a whole lot of fun. Whether a kid wants to look really, really, really close at a bug, a pencil, their toenails, or a leaf, a magnifying glass will do the trick. 

16. Bike wheel spoke decorations 

Your party guests will be thrilled to decorate and display their fancy bike with these attachments, which come in different shapes and colours—and some even glow in the dark! And if you’re looking for bike-riding inspiration, here are 5 fun activities that can help build your child’s bike-riding skills.

17. A kite

As you might have learned from Mary Poppins, “when you send it flying up there, all at once you’re lighter than air.” There’s nothing like the exhilaration that comes from running along with a soaring kite.  

18. Juggling balls

A set of soft, beginner juggling balls can provide hours of fun for kids. Even if they only use two, they’ll have fun. Maybe they can juggle two balls while standing on one foot. Maybe they can eventually juggle all three balls. If you want to keep your kids busy before or during the party, you can make your own colourful juggling balls.

19. Paddle ball 

Paddle balls come in different colours, with favourite characters, and some even come ready to be coloured. How many times can kids bounce the ball?

20. Kids’ flashlights

Perfect for games inside or out, kids love using flashlights for hide and seek, to make shadow puppets, to play flashlight tag, and more! Find some very fun ways to play with in the dark with flashlights here!

Sending your party guests off with smiles AND great active party favours will make your child’s party one to remember.

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