CBRM Recreation and Cape Breton Road Runners bring free Youth Running Series to the Community

“It’s never too early to build confidence and motivation that lasts a lifetime.”

-Rising New York Road Runners


Runners know the secret to why running is good for our minds and bodies. There is plenty of research and science to back it up. Running makes us happy, it can help us lose or maintain weight, prevent illness, strengthen our knees, joints, bones, and it keeps our minds sharp. As a result, these benefits can add up to a longer more active life.

With all the benefits running offers, it’s easy to see why it should be promoted at a young age. It was these benefits that prompted Doctors Nova Scotia to create Kids Run Club, a free school-based program that addresses inactivity in children and youth. Kids Run Club operates on the premise that:

  • Running is a fun and low-cost way to introduce kids to a healthy habit.
  • Running can be adapted so kids of all ages, abilities and fitness levels can participate.
  • Running does not require special equipment or facilities, making it accessible to all kids and schools.
  • Running is a fundamental movement skill that can be improved through Kids Run Club, helping participants achieve improved physical literacy.

Partnering to get more youth running in CBRM

To build on the success of the Kids Run Club in our community, CBRM Recreation has partnered with the Cape Breton Road Runners to create the CBRM Youth Running Series. The Road Runners are well-known for being a strong, supportive and friendly run community. They offer learn to run clinics, skill-building sessions and numerous races throughout the year (both competitive and non-competitive in nature). This series is designed to help youth build confidence and competence, gain motivation to fuel their desire to stay active for life.

The CBRM Youth Running Series is open to youth between the ages of 5-17 and includes a series of 10 road, trail and track races with distances between 1.6 km and 2 km. Participation in the series is free of charge and includes a CBRM Youth Running Series t-shirt. Each series event includes post-race refreshments and draw prizes.

Participants in the CBRM Youth Running Series are placed in one of three categories: elementary, junior and senior. Series members in each category can qualify for bronze, silver and gold participation awards when they take part in races during the season. As well, series participants can earn competitive points which will be accumulated to determine the top three winners in each category at the end of the season. Participation award winners and points winners will be recognized at a year-end banquet.

How to join the CBRM Running Series

Signing up for the CBRM Youth Running Series is easy! Just follow the 3 easy steps below.

  1. Create your account at www.webscorer.com
  2. Visit the CBRM Youth Running Series at www.webscorer.com/cbrm-yrs to register for the series.
  3. Register for races in the series and have fun

For information on the CBRM Youth Running Series, please visit our Facebook page or contact recreation

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