First steps to becoming a skeleton slider

First steps to becoming a skeleton slider

Skeleton athletes need to be exceptional at running and jumping, plus they need well-developed agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, and speed (as in explosive “quickness” of muscles).

The only way to control the skeleton sled when they are whipping down the ice track is with their bodies. They apply pressure to the sled with their shoulders and legs to turn or slow down when necessary.

If your child envisions a future of competitive skeleton sledding or just wants to work on the skills necessary to be great at this sport, check out the activities below.

Activities your child can do now

These activities can help develop skills for skeleton:

Want to see how easy it is to do these activities with your children? Watch all-star hockey player Vincent LaCavalier practice tightrope walking with some kids.

Sometimes it’s hard to know when a child is ready to work on their skills. Check out our Skills Builder to help you make sense of when to get started on all the different skills.

And for more information on competitive sliding, visit Bobsleigh Canada.

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