Active for Life promotes the development of physical literacy in young children by supporting parents, educators, coaches, program leaders and health champions to help kids get moving.

On our website, you will find fun activities, engaging articles and free resources to get kids active, healthy and happy so they can develop the skills, confidence and joy in movement that will inspire them to be active for life.

This page of resources and tools has been created in partnership with Public Health at the Region of Waterloo. Please download and share! If you would like to order printed materials, please contact us at [email protected]

We love to play in the snow
Active for Life provides postcards for parents that explain what physical literacy is and why it matters for kids. Parent love them! We design, print and ship you the postcards and you distribute them to parents.

Consider sharing our eye-catching bookmarks that feature an adapted version of our popular physical literacy infographic.

APPLE Model poster

APPLE model poster
The APPLE Model shows how closely the concepts of physical literacy align with active play. Although learning to read and write are often prioritized, research tells us that physical activity is the fundamental key to brain development. Display the poster as a reminder to educators and parents to make active play and physical literacy a part of every child’s day. Learn more about how educators use the APPLE Model.

The APPLE Model is also available as a postcard.

“Parent Promise” posters

Encourage parents to commit to making physical activity a priority at home with our Parent Promise article and posters in your newsletters, on social media, in your school or facility and at events.

Multisport poster

For most sports and physical activities, kids should avoid specializing too early. In fact, they should try as many different sports and activities as possible before their teen years. This informative poster will help parents, educators and coaches understand the benefits of multisport for kids.

Recipe for an active day poster

Recipe for an active day
Just like eating every colour of the rainbow is nutritious, mixing up the way we move our bodies is also healthy for us. Structured programs are part of how kids develop the skills they need and making time for unstructured play is important too. There are lots of opportunities for kids to develop movement skills at home by weeding the garden, tidying up toys, going on bike rides and climbing trees. Share this printout to get families thinking about balanced movement the same way you help them think about eating a balanced meal.

Recipe for an active year poster

Recipe for an active year
An active year means moving your body in lots of ways, in all sorts of weather and environments. Share this printout with families to encourage them to move on the ground, in the air, in water and on snow so they can build the foundation of skills needed to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Fortune teller

For school-aged kids, download and print this fortune teller, a favourite playground game, that gets kids practicing some of the fundamental movements that create the foundation for physical literacy. How to play.

AfL Playbook

mother and daughter dancing in the park

More than anything else, kids love to play with their parents and caregivers. The AfL Playbook provides a series of active games to play together. You’ll have lots of fun while developing movement skills.

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