23 1/2 hours video: what makes the biggest difference to your health?

Those of us who live busy lives – which, let’s face it, accounts for most of us these days – are probably aware that many factors can impact our health. Watching one’s weight, eating a healthy diet, and controlling or eliminating free radicals (such as alcohol or smoking) are all important, to be sure.

But what makes the single, biggest difference to your health?

In this video, Toronto physician Dr. Mike Evans figures that the most important thing you can do is get physical exercise. Being active for 20 to 30 minutes per day, or 150 minutes per week, has been shown to offer innumerable health benefits – even if all you do is go for a brisk walk with your dog.

Or, as the Greek physician Hippocrates famously said, “Walking is man’s best medicine.”

This is true for you, and it’s also true for kids. And they should also be learning the various movement skills that will make them physically literate.

The video is presented in a friendly, conversational style. Dr. Evans may call it a lecture, but it’s not preachy and offers lots of simple, yet fascinating information that can benefit everyone, young or old.

3 responses to “23 1/2 hours video: what makes the biggest difference to your health?

  1. Hi Dr Mike and Team,

    I hope you are all well!

    I really enjoyed this video! I was just wondering if you had a reference list for the studies quoted in the video.

    Many thanks and I look forward to your response


    1. Hi Louis, Active for Life did not produce the video so we don’t have information on the studies quoted. You would have to reach out to the video’s creator directly.

  2. Makes perfect sense. My family Dr. Recommended this video and now that I have viewed it I totally see why.
    Thank you for the inspiration

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