Active for Life podcast: John O’Sullivan from Changing the Game

John O’Sullivan is the founder of Changing the Game, an intiative promoting a player-centred approach to sport.

The coach and author was in Alberta recently to speak with a number of different organizations. He sat down with Richard Monette, Active for Life’s editor-in-chief, for an interesting conversation about kids and sport.

John and Richard talked specifically about how to create positive changes in the world of kids’ sport, and how to talk to parents, coaches, organizations, and even athletes.

There are similar philosophies anchoring the work of Active for Life and Changing the Game — and dozens of other organizations around the world. While the approaches may be slightly different, the goals are the same: to make sure that every child gets a chance for a positive experience in sport and physical activity.

Enjoy this conversation between John O’Sullivan and Richard Monette, and please share it widely.

When you’re done, go watch John’s Ted Talk, in which he talks about his efforts to “reshape youth sports and inspire a major shift in culture”.

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