In a world where children are sedentary, over-scheduled, and less likely to play outside, Active for Life helps Canada—and the world—raise physically literate kids. At, parents, educators, coaches, and health champions will find fun activities, engaging articles, and free resources to get kids active, healthy, and happy. 

Here are some resources community family support organizations can use to help parents raise healthy, happy, active kids.

Information and resources for healthy child development

Active play, every day is critical for healthy child development. When children are engaged in active play, the benefits are more than physical. Not only do they develop the skills, confidence, and love of movement required to develop physical literacy, but they also develop creativity, social skills, self-control, and so much more. Find out more about the link between physical literacy and healthy child development:

  • Building a brain is like building a house – This six-part series of articles tells the story of a child’s early brain development and how it relates to the development of physical literacy.
  • Why babies need active play every day – Why the very best thing you can do to help your baby’s healthy development is to make sure he or she spends as much time as possible freely moving around in a safe environment. 
  • Activities to develop physical literacy – These simple activities for kids 1-12 can help children practice the fundamental movement skills that are an essential part of becoming physically literate.

Support for parents

Parents can bond with their child, and improve their family’s physical and mental health, through physically active play, every day.

  • Be a lifeguard to your child’s risky play – How can parents determine what’s an acceptable risk and what’s plain reckless and life-threatening? 
  • Why outdoor play is more important than ever – Active, unstructured play outdoors gives kids time to innovate, think, reflect, and just be alone with their thoughts. It also gives children a healthy way to work through their fears and feelings.
  • Ideas for outdoor play – These articles provide inspiration and advice on what to do with children outside, and explain why this kind of play is so important for healthy development.
  • Explore your 2.4 – This program encourages families to explore and map their neighbourhood together on foot or by bike, to ensure children learn important road safety skills and, eventually, gain the skills they need to get around on their own.
  • Recipe for an active day at home – A printable list of quick, simple ideas for families to get active that require little or no equipment.

Parent leadership development

Parent leaders power many community initiatives, from sports clubs to after-school programs, block parties, and other local activities. Here are just a few ways parents can bring positive change to their communities.

Resources for community organizations

Active for Life offers many more tools to promote physical literacy in your community. These popular pieces can be used via social media, on your website, in e-newsletters as well as in your facility, and at events. See our Content Use Guidelines.

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